Friday, December 9, 2011

my current interest.... sharing vector files at vecteezy~

the hijabies~!

and some flowers~*



download them at for free~!
*the hijabies belum lagi upload~

Saturday, April 30, 2011

"No Thanks!" tibe2 keluar from Nayli's mouth.. :)

so, she's been working very hard(24/7, none stop.. unless if she's sleeping/"tutu"ing..) for the last few weeks.. trying to memorise ABC song, barney's songs, and all the videos she's been watching all day... imitating the characters.. from Ponyo to "the extra in Spiderman 2"! yeah, it's quite nyaring if it's the screaming part when octavious climb the office building~! hmm.. that's okay, Sayang.. do what you gotta do~

been busy with Oaties orders and some wedding item for an Old Bestfriend~ ;)
a guestbook and rosettes~ below is the rosettes... 50pcs.. :D alhamdulillah, siap! now kene siapkan guestbook. felt+some hand embroidery on unbleached cotton~ GO GREEN~!! :D


finally managed to make some amigurumi for Little Baby.. hasrat yg dah lama terpendam... dah siap satu, macam2 yg lain muncul dalam kepala... end up making lots of strawberries and some veggies(baby carrots and orange are not in picture*)~ she even keep the baby carrot(not in picture) in the fridge~! O_o

Saturday, April 9, 2011


it's been a while since the last time i illustrate~ :(
today was a lovely day, at 3 in the morning.. Little Baby was sleeping.. quickly open the Adobe Illustrator cs5 program~! and that's the result.. Mummy&Nayli.. i have problem in illustrating guy/boy.. dont know why... maybe, i should make illustrating as a weekly event.. tidaklah rugi ambil jurusan Multimedia selama 3 tahun itu~ walaupun selama belajar, mmg takde pun silibus yang ajar illustrator!! :( sedih! belajar sendiri2 dengan bantuan Hubby(that time bukan hubby lagi.. masih my dear~ ) illustrator is a must know software, to me. i did ajar my 11years old sis to use the program, not just illustrator, photoshop too~.. now she's 16years old dah.. :)

okay, tukar topik!! been busy with my craft project. dah buat branding(logo, chup! blog address), iAllah maybe akan daftar dgn ssm, insyaAllah~! :)
memandangkan saya sangat suka bidang ini, will do it the right way~ iAllah, yang lain2 Allah aturkan~ for the time being, still on my oldfriend's wedding.. 50crochet flower rosette and a handmade guestbook design~ :) the rosette are all done, and iAllah will focus on the guestbook now~ might be publishing the pictures, once dah serah to her, iAllah~ :)

last but not least, i'm addicted to deviantart now!! masuk je situ, boleh hilang akal tengok those talented people~!! huhu... boleh visit my little page here~ still new, still learning~

*in Islam, in life, in business, in motherhood, in familyhood... i'm still learning..

Thursday, March 17, 2011

crochet leaves~*
been wanting to make flower garland for quite a while.. been searching for some cute simple leaves to go on the garland~* i came across this tutorial here!!
now, i'm addicted to it~! great~* been working on a project right now...
*should i sell it...? or just keep it in my treasure box?!? :/

yay! finally Little Baby got her Tutu~! whoot~ whoot~*
been eyeing on the no sew Tutu for soooo long!! but, as usual... made my mind to just make something different! some crafter kind of Tutu~ hentam jelah segala teknik jahitan..

the hujung~ buat keputusan untuk biar the hujung macam ni.. kurang skit gatal2... :)

RAINBOW is our latest fav colour~! :D

yang menjadi guideline adelah my childhood memories~*
handmade nightgown, dresses, baju barbie dolls~! my first cross-stitch project~, batu seremban, chop from ubi kentang, homework pendidikan seni(yang my mom tolong~*),
and all the handmade flowers she creates~
my mom is a crafter~ she's a home maker~ been watching(kadang2 helping) her all these years..

what keeps me going is Mr Hubby yang sgt2 supportive... tak sangke dapat suami yg appreciate hal2 craft ku ni... :)

Little Baby pun membantu jugak, sebab sentiasa happy kalau Mummy pass her some handmade stuff~!

love to share all my craft with my adik-beradik(7girls!!), masing2 ada talent masing2 in craft world~! so, that's a bonus for me~*

Thursday, March 10, 2011


wanted to share something..

kalau tengah marah(tahap dah nak mengamuk, nak pukul orang, nak buat bende2 lain yang syaitan suke~), cuba this one small easy step:

tapi yang ni sesuai kalau ada baby/toddler near you~

go to the baby/toddler and tickle them until they giggle~! all the anger will go away~! iAllah~

Monday, March 7, 2011

Little Baby's camera~
- she's been wanting our camera.. after some no's going on... finally~!
her own camera! made of felt, with some button+stitching~!
mula-mula taknak main dgn camera ni.. i know, it doesn't look like a real camera~
but, after a few days... she starts hanging the camera somewhere and say something like "you did it!", but yeah... only Mummy+Pa could understand you, sayang~
it took me few hours to complete it.. not quite complicated project...
didn't make my tense nerve go stiff O_O

wild strawberry~
some red felt's corner+some green square+some stitches~ i've made myself a wild strawberry..
planning to make some more~!! a jar full of wild strawberries~ hmm.. how nice~~
just discovered a way to make a simple strawberry hull~


sleepy sachet~ in progress
-been eyeing some lavender pillows.. decided to make some for our home~
i use some back-stitch and some french knot..
first i draw the pictures on an unbleached cotton using my artline pen..
then, stitch all along the lines... found this sleepy doll at Whip Up~ super cute!
since i dont have any pattern fabric in my stash... i HAVE to stitch the patterns, rite...?

sleepy sachet~ done!

Monday, February 21, 2011


As-salam all~! been quite busy over the week... all for Oaties.. received orders from old friends, sambil meniaga sambil bersilatulrahim~! love it~~

while recovering from the penat, i made this for Little Baby~
felt+some embroidery+buttons~

always love embroidery.. belajar sendiri from a book i bought at payless bookstore, RM10. kebetulan got the no.1(it's a series book), yg ada all intro for all thread+scissors art!! :D
embroidery, cross-stitch, crochet, sewing, etc~~ slurrrp~

have to brush up my skill.. that means, need to do more~~~ haha!
kinda addictive~! welp! need to make more of those!!
*while Little Baby tido~

+Little baby starts bercakap this month, alhamdulillah~ some of the word yg make sense:
1. duduk
2. jatuh(ja-tooh, sgt baku~ hihi..)
3. mummy(mem-mee)
4. nak
5. nanak(tak nak)
6. baby(bee-bee)
7. oh-oo(ah-oo)
8. moon
9. star
10. cantik(an-teek)
11. susu(tu-tu)
12. Pa(yeah, her first word!! wayyyy earlier than Mummy!?)
13. that
14. ini
15. wah!/wow!(both for the same sound~)
16. tu!(yg ni perkataan bahaya... kalau digabungkan dengan "Nak"~ you know what i mean..)
17. cat
18. moo(if i say cow~)
19. no(noo-w!, her "no" sounds very sedap~!)

and if she sees letter "A", she'll say "B".
if i say "one", she'll say "Two"~

mudah-mudahan menjadi hamba Allah yg istiqamah.. Mummy needs to belajar to be one too~

plan to make some more

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

order from my beloved sister, abbie and friends~!

order from my ex-school mate~! it's been 10years~!
happy sebab Allah buka jalan untuk eratkan silatulrahim.. :)

order from farah hamizah for her dad.. tQvm~!

here's the close-up!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lavender Sachet gift set... ordered by my MIL. jumpa teh bekas dalam kotak mainan Little Baby.. size macam sesuai.. masa ni belum buat apa2 lagi, sebab nak tunggu response from client.. 7 Lavender Sachets in a box.

first draft
masa ni dah balut using tissue papers, also some paper flower(see the black flower? that's paper flower..)
then, add the felt flowers..

final design
after some feedback we agreed to buang the paper flower and use the felt flowers instead, but the bigger flower kene jadikan kecik skit... sebab macam besar sangat pulak~
add a card, balut dengan tissue paper. baru tau yang chalk ink works best with tissue papers!! yippie!! so happy how the ink stand-out~

Oaties for favors... 330pcs, wrapped in aluminum foil+custom pattern papers.. :)
the Oaties.. most people call them oatmeal bars/granola bars... kami namakan dia Oaties..
oaties secara umum adalah biskut yang mengandungi oats.. macam "munchy's oat krunch"
kami pilih nama Oaties for our oatmeal bars ni sebab senang nak sebut~ hihi!
for this projeck, mula-mula plan nak balut guna tissue paper, tapi tak jadi. sebab tissue paper tu koyak bile i nak pintal both ends.. :(
dengan cemas, terpaksa cari alternatif lain... nasib baik mmg suka buat mock-up.. kalau konfiden je haritu..? tak ke stress lat minute..? i tak suka stress, ya? :D
so, calculate punya calculate... end up dengan foil+wrapper... :)
alhamdulillah, bila hantar visual, the client suka sgt... kebetulan, she loves polka-dots...
kebetulan...? i dont think so... it's rezeki Allah~
alhamdulillah all the aunties pun suka presentation Oaties ni.. alhamdulillah ya Allah~ :')
all went well, Little Baby sangat baik... cuma cranky bila nak susu and bila all her little aunties kerumun dia... kene biasakan diri... :)