Saturday, April 30, 2011

"No Thanks!" tibe2 keluar from Nayli's mouth.. :)

so, she's been working very hard(24/7, none stop.. unless if she's sleeping/"tutu"ing..) for the last few weeks.. trying to memorise ABC song, barney's songs, and all the videos she's been watching all day... imitating the characters.. from Ponyo to "the extra in Spiderman 2"! yeah, it's quite nyaring if it's the screaming part when octavious climb the office building~! hmm.. that's okay, Sayang.. do what you gotta do~

been busy with Oaties orders and some wedding item for an Old Bestfriend~ ;)
a guestbook and rosettes~ below is the rosettes... 50pcs.. :D alhamdulillah, siap! now kene siapkan guestbook. felt+some hand embroidery on unbleached cotton~ GO GREEN~!! :D


finally managed to make some amigurumi for Little Baby.. hasrat yg dah lama terpendam... dah siap satu, macam2 yg lain muncul dalam kepala... end up making lots of strawberries and some veggies(baby carrots and orange are not in picture*)~ she even keep the baby carrot(not in picture) in the fridge~! O_o

Saturday, April 9, 2011


it's been a while since the last time i illustrate~ :(
today was a lovely day, at 3 in the morning.. Little Baby was sleeping.. quickly open the Adobe Illustrator cs5 program~! and that's the result.. Mummy&Nayli.. i have problem in illustrating guy/boy.. dont know why... maybe, i should make illustrating as a weekly event.. tidaklah rugi ambil jurusan Multimedia selama 3 tahun itu~ walaupun selama belajar, mmg takde pun silibus yang ajar illustrator!! :( sedih! belajar sendiri2 dengan bantuan Hubby(that time bukan hubby lagi.. masih my dear~ ) illustrator is a must know software, to me. i did ajar my 11years old sis to use the program, not just illustrator, photoshop too~.. now she's 16years old dah.. :)

okay, tukar topik!! been busy with my craft project. dah buat branding(logo, chup! blog address), iAllah maybe akan daftar dgn ssm, insyaAllah~! :)
memandangkan saya sangat suka bidang ini, will do it the right way~ iAllah, yang lain2 Allah aturkan~ for the time being, still on my oldfriend's wedding.. 50crochet flower rosette and a handmade guestbook design~ :) the rosette are all done, and iAllah will focus on the guestbook now~ might be publishing the pictures, once dah serah to her, iAllah~ :)

last but not least, i'm addicted to deviantart now!! masuk je situ, boleh hilang akal tengok those talented people~!! huhu... boleh visit my little page here~ still new, still learning~

*in Islam, in life, in business, in motherhood, in familyhood... i'm still learning..