Saturday, April 9, 2011


it's been a while since the last time i illustrate~ :(
today was a lovely day, at 3 in the morning.. Little Baby was sleeping.. quickly open the Adobe Illustrator cs5 program~! and that's the result.. Mummy&Nayli.. i have problem in illustrating guy/boy.. dont know why... maybe, i should make illustrating as a weekly event.. tidaklah rugi ambil jurusan Multimedia selama 3 tahun itu~ walaupun selama belajar, mmg takde pun silibus yang ajar illustrator!! :( sedih! belajar sendiri2 dengan bantuan Hubby(that time bukan hubby lagi.. masih my dear~ ) illustrator is a must know software, to me. i did ajar my 11years old sis to use the program, not just illustrator, photoshop too~.. now she's 16years old dah.. :)

okay, tukar topik!! been busy with my craft project. dah buat branding(logo, chup! blog address), iAllah maybe akan daftar dgn ssm, insyaAllah~! :)
memandangkan saya sangat suka bidang ini, will do it the right way~ iAllah, yang lain2 Allah aturkan~ for the time being, still on my oldfriend's wedding.. 50crochet flower rosette and a handmade guestbook design~ :) the rosette are all done, and iAllah will focus on the guestbook now~ might be publishing the pictures, once dah serah to her, iAllah~ :)

last but not least, i'm addicted to deviantart now!! masuk je situ, boleh hilang akal tengok those talented people~!! huhu... boleh visit my little page here~ still new, still learning~

*in Islam, in life, in business, in motherhood, in familyhood... i'm still learning..

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