Wednesday, December 22, 2010


been trying hard to make this blog as an Islamic Crafts centre... but, it's hard i tell ya! :(
sometimes we plan and work towards this way, but rezeki datang from the other~ :)
planning to make Islamic Craft as my main source of income, but my other passion gets in the way... yeap, my cooking passion... i'm not so good at it, but alhamdulillah i managed to make money out of it.. i'm in the cookiss(choc chip cookies) business for 4years, and alhamdulillah every aidilfitri i manage to make profit around RM2k for raya shopping~~ hihi.. yeah, those were the days...

then, i got pregnant.. and making the dough+baking+packing those cookiss is a hardwork for someone like me.. we've been waiting for Little Baby to nestle in my rahim for 4years.. i dont want to take the risk... :/ then, the baby comes in our daily routine, and having her here with us is something we've been waiting for our whole life... i want to spend my whole time with her.. and of course, she needs me... :')

Little Baby dah 1year now... she love time of her own.. and me baru sedar yang kadang2, i do miss her... i pulak jadi the busybody mother yg suke butt in... X)

okay, long story short... i have plenty of time now... and i started to take orders from close friends... my very first official project is from my best buddy merangkum saudara bau-bau bacang..

Miss Dalila(june2011)... she ordered some flower crochet brooches, guestbook, and iAllah some packed oaties<-- this one hopefully jadi... ;)

second Khalil's cousin, Miss Fitrah(january 2011) tempah oaties for her engagement day, iAllah... specially wrapped in custom made pattern papers... :)

and from mymother in law, lavender sachet for *rahsia!!<-- iAllah and recently order from college-mate,

Puan Farahi... she ordered oaties for her cute son's cukur jambul(i think), iAllah in feb~ the oaties will be packed and i'll add some custom deco according to her theme colours... :)

alhamdulillah.. oh, iAllah will be sending some order from London soon, iAllah.. they ordered the lavender sachet... will post some samples for starting.. and hopefully will have some repeat orders, amin~

the Oaties~

*that's the beauty of Rezeki Allah... you just have to usaha keras, yang lain2 Allah tentukan, iAllah~ :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Little Baby's first birthday!

we celebrated with family (mine and his), alhamdulillah all went well...
Little Baby as usual sangat co-operative, mingle around dengan tetamu... sampai me banyak kali keluar dialog "Nayli mane?".. and there she was... borak dengan tetamu.. ;')

she is such a girl now... dance to elmo's song, laugh at Mr.Noodle's Brother Mr.Noodle's jokes!, smiles at Mr Hubby every now and then...

for her 1st birthday, i dedicate myself to this project, since she's in my tummy~
yeap, the felt token.. i made them when i'm 7months pregnant, i think~ b
but, of course.. the "Nayli" part was sewn after i habis pantang~
and the sweets, they are not edible...~ yeah, Little Baby's big cousin did try to kopek them from the envelope.. she thinks they are real sweets~~

the watch(on the left) was mine way back in 2000...
10years oled watch... that's her birthday present.. from me...
she loves it! :')
the moment i gave it to hear, terus sarung tangan.. and the hand dah takleh gerak... kalau gerak pun sikit2 je.. takut the watch tercabut kot... haha.. teringat masa kecik2.. my dad/mom suka belikan watch.. jam tangan ni macam the ultimate present~ setiap kali periksa, kalau score or dapat top 3, mesti get to choose one watch!! i have a lot in my kotak old watches... waiting for Little Baby~~ haha!!


Photobucket Photobucket

will update on the deco... some felt+unbleached cotton~

Friday, December 3, 2010

oh no!!! baju dah bertanda!

here's how to baiki:

cut one felt into daun shape

place it on another felt..

cut-out with some outer gap

tutup the kotor with it!! :D

use your stitching skill... french-knot..? sila~~

stitch sesuka hati... ikut citarasa~


selamat mencuba!! huh.. have to make some more!! as BANYAK baju yg dah terkotor~~ :(