Friday, December 10, 2010

Little Baby's first birthday!

we celebrated with family (mine and his), alhamdulillah all went well...
Little Baby as usual sangat co-operative, mingle around dengan tetamu... sampai me banyak kali keluar dialog "Nayli mane?".. and there she was... borak dengan tetamu.. ;')

she is such a girl now... dance to elmo's song, laugh at Mr.Noodle's Brother Mr.Noodle's jokes!, smiles at Mr Hubby every now and then...

for her 1st birthday, i dedicate myself to this project, since she's in my tummy~
yeap, the felt token.. i made them when i'm 7months pregnant, i think~ b
but, of course.. the "Nayli" part was sewn after i habis pantang~
and the sweets, they are not edible...~ yeah, Little Baby's big cousin did try to kopek them from the envelope.. she thinks they are real sweets~~

the watch(on the left) was mine way back in 2000...
10years oled watch... that's her birthday present.. from me...
she loves it! :')
the moment i gave it to hear, terus sarung tangan.. and the hand dah takleh gerak... kalau gerak pun sikit2 je.. takut the watch tercabut kot... haha.. teringat masa kecik2.. my dad/mom suka belikan watch.. jam tangan ni macam the ultimate present~ setiap kali periksa, kalau score or dapat top 3, mesti get to choose one watch!! i have a lot in my kotak old watches... waiting for Little Baby~~ haha!!


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will update on the deco... some felt+unbleached cotton~

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