Wednesday, November 24, 2010

salam all,

something to share~


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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

salam, latest update~~


something to share

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

a potpourri using Little Baby's old baby mitten.. paired with her first mitten bought during our trip down-under~
i filled the baby mitten with lavender and fibre...~

another recycle material used in this potpourri.. Little Baby's sock~
same as above, lavender and fiber filled this pink sock~

Blue for Zaki.. :)

using different material compared to Adam's Blue... :)
this is the jumbu crochet flower i made earlier today~ managed to get it done before we leave for PJ to meet Zaki's grandPa~

making some softies for Little Baby... surprise~

lace i found in "kedai bunga" near our living area~ happy with the price~

yes, this is the unbleached cotton i've been talking about~
love 'em!!
can't wait to start making this new project!!!

*starts with my To Do List today, hope everything goes well~

Little Baby turns 11months today!! yay! alhamdulillah... :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

alhamdulillah, dah siapkan another order from fliffy... thank you flif~
bought the fabric at ikea, and ribbon at Batang Kali..! hihi~

been searching for unbleached cotton for quite sometime.. nak buat new product iAllah with it.. :)
sudah survey stuff needed for the embellishments here in our living area. couldn't find the fabric.. last few weeks, my elder sister told me that she used to buy cotton fabrics at our parent's new hometown.. Batang kali!! huhu~

last saturday, we balik kampung... told Hubby that i wanted to singgah there to cari some legging and buy some kain...lepas makan dekat sepakat, go round the area dengan berjalan kaki.. went to the first shop, they have the leggings but for RM29.90?! saya taknak beli... teruskan ke kedai sebelah... ada! RM11.90!! saya suka!! kain pun tebal~ saya tidak mahu beli harga mahal2, sebab nak guna untuk duduk rumah/mandi sungai di rumah ibubapa saya!! :D

teruskan penerokaan ke kedai seterusnya...! jeng3x~~ the kedai kain!! masuk2.. ooo... kain cotton... cari2 kot-kot ada corak comel2.. terus ternampak... UNBLEACHED COTTON!! tak sangka the unbleach cotton ada!! yay!! yay!! yay!! so happy~~ senyum sampai telinga..! :)
bought 5m which cost me RM19 ONLY! will hunt for the embells today, iAllah~ juga beli ribbon for fliffy's order~

will update on the product soon, iAllah~ will be making in only small scale for a start~

*have to start making stuff for Little Baby's birthday party, iAllah~~ i need a "To Do List~"!