Wednesday, November 3, 2010

a potpourri using Little Baby's old baby mitten.. paired with her first mitten bought during our trip down-under~
i filled the baby mitten with lavender and fibre...~

another recycle material used in this potpourri.. Little Baby's sock~
same as above, lavender and fiber filled this pink sock~

Blue for Zaki.. :)

using different material compared to Adam's Blue... :)
this is the jumbu crochet flower i made earlier today~ managed to get it done before we leave for PJ to meet Zaki's grandPa~

making some softies for Little Baby... surprise~

lace i found in "kedai bunga" near our living area~ happy with the price~

yes, this is the unbleached cotton i've been talking about~
love 'em!!
can't wait to start making this new project!!!

*starts with my To Do List today, hope everything goes well~

Little Baby turns 11months today!! yay! alhamdulillah... :)

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  1. Hello dear, nice creations there. Keep up the good work!! The little so damn cute!!!!