Thursday, October 28, 2010

some mee we found at giant kota damansara, with jakim cert~ finally!
it's been years we've been searching for yee mee with halal cert~
one day, saw a lorry with some brand(tak ingat the brand),
tertera yeemee and there it is---> chop halal jakim!! O_O
since that day, try to find kot2 ada kat mana2 hypermarket~ tak jumpa pun~ then, satu hari di giant kota damansara, tergerak nak tengok2 bahagian mee2 itu, kot2 ada rezeki... and there it is!!
yeemee with chop JAKIM, mee INA! but they named it Mee Telur~ taste like yee mee to us~ :D
terus beli, and beli everytime buat marketing~ kami pun, makan dan makan yeemee halal jakim setiap petang!!
bought some extra for Little Baby's Tyty, as above picture, this maggi kind mee is my favourite so far~ selalu makan this kind of mee kat Noodle Station.. tapi, takkan la nak pegi sana time2 lapar di petang hari...jadi, sekali lagi rajin survey bahagian mee kat giant tu.. berbaloi juga~ jumpa this mee.. yeah! with chop JAKIM! ...and some leper maggi kind, bought some for Little Baby's WanMama and TokDada.. i ingat my dad penah masak this mee when i was a little girl.. hihi...will pass them to mom and dad this weekend iAllah~

my first handmade pillow
the customer is~ fliffy.. a lovely mother, kenal her masa i join scrabooking group.. she's into digital scrapbooking... now dah jadi DT at few places~ :)
she saw the one i made for Little Baby.. and at my surprise, she ordered one :)
have to postpone making them as i'm going to OZ that time.. she patiently waited till i settle-down when we got back home.. and kelmarin baru post to her.. thank you very much flif~
iAllah she just ordered one more for her little boy.. abang's will be blue~
alhamdulillah, things are starting to bloom~

my cousin in Dubai ordered this crochet flower brooch~
she ordered 10 of these, decided to give her extra 2~ reason: can't stop my hand from crocheting these babies~~
yes, plus that because i love you so much, along aiza~~ :D

Little Baby keep herself busy while Mummy's on duty~ good girl~
soon, she'll be 11months! how time flies~! :')

Thursday, October 21, 2010

domo-kun for my Little Sister... didn't care bout this cute brown creature with mouth wide open and showing some triangle teeth~ until, Little Sister keep on saying how she loves it(in her blog~)..
so, for her 15th birthday.... here's a domo-kun amigurumi~~ huh~ tonnes of domo-kun patterns in the net, but somehow... my crochet hook decided to follow its own instinct... that is why i can't share/teach other people... i crochet using my instinct... i mean, my crochet hook's instinct.! :(
discovered that cross-stitch goes well with amigurumi!! yay! new lesson learned~
decided to make it look scribble-like~
as you can see the mouth and teeth~
the body is a bit distort.. i love making kid's-look kind of artwork~ the handmade-look~
what's up with the "something"-look thing...?!?

that's all for now... :'(

made some food stocks today~~ when we were in OZ, the host usually cooked some food eg: lasagna/quiche in big portion and stock it in the fridge.. to me, it's quite practical and could save money+energy~ as we came home, i decided to implement it~ :)
so far, quiche and lasagna for lunch and dinner.. bread+egg/cheese/peanutbutter+jam for bfast~
love our new routine~ :)
and today, decided to make some oatmeal bar~~ with some choc chip!! yum2~~
easy-peasy punye recipe~
butter+brown sugar+honey, heat in pan..bila gula dah cair,tutup off hub~ masukkan oats+choc chips!! :)


happy dengan ilmu/pengalaman yg Allah kurniakan selama kami merantau ke sana bersama Little Baby~
i decided to lead my life as practical as possible.. iAllah~

Monday, October 18, 2010

+handmade recycle yarn tutorial~

1. cut t-shirt fabric into strips~

2. stretch to max~

3. join strips by stitching them together~

4. twist the strips using you thumb and index finger~ this part is quite tiring~


5. starts crocheting/knitting~~

i'm using Little Baby's old+tompok+terkotor+koyak rompers+t-shirts... kalau nak pass-on pun tak boleh~ kasihan yg menerima.. :(
next, will try to make recycle yarn using kain lampin... and kali ni yg tak perlu sambung2... will update later~~
the plastic bags and newspaper yang dijadikan yarn ni pun menarik!! will google more on these recycle yarn stuff~~ +drooling+

Friday, October 15, 2010

managed to make sekuntum bunga dari yarn i bought in OZ, tgh dalam proses siapkan order from my cousin in Dubai... iAllah! the colour is called Thulian Pink, mengikut wikipedia~~ huhu..
sedap crochet guna yarn ni, lembut... sedap je lalu di jari telunjukku.. sebab my palm cepat berpeluh, kalau yarn minlon yg RM1.70 tu kadang2 tersekat2... bukan salah minlon, tgn ini yg berpeluh~
baru tau, banyak juga yarn yg guna bulu alpacas.. very cute animal! macam llama, tapi bukan~
our host kat oz tu ada alpacas in their farm.. but, tak sempat nak melawat~ :(

yeah, Little Baby menggosok gigi dengan shades~~ sekarang dalam proses nak belajar put shades/glasses on~ also, anything yg berkain, she'll try to put it on(macam pakai tudung~). maybe sebab tgk me put on the tudung kot~ the dress dijahit oleh her Mama.. thank you! Little Baby loves it~ and one thing she did mase kat OZ, she mintak nak pakai baju kurung polka dia~ lepas pakai, terus sambung main dgn happy~ :)

okay, pindah from the masterbedroom to the office.. decided not to use my racks.. jadi, ia telah diubah menjadi Little Baby's pondok kecil...! we love the pondok~ my sister suggest sarung the roof dgn kain supaya tak bahaya for Little Baby... kinda comel untuk dibayangkan.. will see how.. iAllah~ the tapak pun kene tambah. plan tu make it U-shape so that Little Baby xyah nak langkah2 kalau nak masuk... or tersadung~
will update once dah siap, iAllah~
oh, and trying hard to settle down and start with Flif's RED... iAllah...

alhamdulillah, dengan rezeki yg Allah beri setakat ni.. :)
Little Baby, Hubby, family, kasih-sayang, makanan, minuman, kesihatan, ketenangan, kebahagiaan, creativity, tempat berlindung, kemudahan transport, internet, sistem penghadaman yang baik, penglihatan, pendengaran, and the list goes on and on... so much to syukur than to complain~

Friday, October 8, 2010

left the crocheted ribbon flower pada Uncle Jim~

the above picture is at a wholesale shop.. murah compared to others :) they have food, craft supplies, toys, clothes, stationery, books, and banyak lagi..

i bought a skine of yarn and a roll of ribbon~
the knitting section banyak barang dah habis~ :(
jadi, beli this one comel coloured yarn yg to me cheap enough for the quality+colour :D


for Little Baby a book and her first doll! we named her Alice!


next is the crazy $1(lebih kurang RM3) shop~
bought 10pcs of singlet for Little Baby~ pinks, white, orange and green(not in picture~)! :D
sangat sesuai untuk pakai di rumah!


and some foam sheets.. plain and printed!! yup~ printed!! with yummy patterns!! safari!
the foam sheets are priced 50cents per pack!! O_o" yeap, i went crazy here! but, since it's below $1 each.. boleh laa untuk jagi gila sebentar~

and this ribbon..! next day pegi, the ribbons dah habis! haish~~

K-mart offers quality stuff for reasonable price~
slouchy hat for Little Baby(mula-mula ingat untuk diri sendiri, bila pakai rupanya untuk kids~ sedey~~)
this hat cost us about $3 sebab tgh sale.. :D

and my crochet hook and needles!! punye payah nak jumpa.. finally jumpa kat sini~ $3
bought yg size besar sebab dah ada yg small and medium size hook~

and area pusat membeli-belah Stockland!! one kedai ala-ala kedai2ringgit kat sini.. :)
japan/chinese punya kedai, kot~
beli 3skines of yarn!!

2skines of "Black with some glitter"

and... 1 sweet colour..
Thulian Pink i think~


alhamdulillah on the plane Little Baby sleeps most of the time~ pity the uncle sits next to us, kene beri laluan kalau Little Baby pooey~ :/
but, the uncle tak nak duduk dalam, sebab dia suka jalan2~
manage to snap some aerial view pictures~ yay! will share with you guys nanti, ya? iAllah~
and, mase dah dekat2 nak sampai, the ketua pramugari bawak Little Baby lepak pantry premium passenger~ lebih sejuk di situ~ lama jugak, sampai kami dah risau pulak.. hihi.. and Little Baby dapat hadiah!! menu memo list~ Mummy will simpan for you ya..? buat kenangan~~

back home~ she misses the carseat.. masuk-masuk je kereta, nampak carseat, terus... hey! and senyum2~ :D


most stuff yg kami bawak balik secara tambahan adalah barang2 Little Baby... toys dari Kay~ ada few toys yg kami left kat sane sebab wasn't sure Kay bagi terus to Little Baby or bagi pinjam~ :)





for family members and friends~
wanted to share the scent we smelled at the Serendipity Lavender Farm.. ikhlas dari kami.. dengan doa semoga satu hari nanti semua yg baca blog ni dapat sampai~ iAllah~
"the uncang+potpourri sponsored by my Mama~ tQ, Ma! :D "

hubby's kind of souvenir~~ keychain!! :D

and some coaster.. love the designs~~

so, that's it... our journey down under~~ semoga semua berpeluang ke sana, iAllah~
melihat bumi Allah..

my view setelah balik, berubah agak banyak.. terutama dalam dunia craft ni.. you tend to respect other people's hard-work.. tak ciplak.. iAllah ada idea lain Allah akan kurniakan... :)
and to me.. kalau kita hasilkan creation kita sendiri, itu lebih bekekalan daripada ikut2 sahaja orang lain... sebab yg ikut2 itu hanya bermusim, you'll easily bored~
if it comes from your heart, you'll enjoy making it for the rest of your life... because you know it's yours..
semoga kita menjadi insan yg lebih creative dan innovative~ iAllah~