Thursday, October 21, 2010

domo-kun for my Little Sister... didn't care bout this cute brown creature with mouth wide open and showing some triangle teeth~ until, Little Sister keep on saying how she loves it(in her blog~)..
so, for her 15th birthday.... here's a domo-kun amigurumi~~ huh~ tonnes of domo-kun patterns in the net, but somehow... my crochet hook decided to follow its own instinct... that is why i can't share/teach other people... i crochet using my instinct... i mean, my crochet hook's instinct.! :(
discovered that cross-stitch goes well with amigurumi!! yay! new lesson learned~
decided to make it look scribble-like~
as you can see the mouth and teeth~
the body is a bit distort.. i love making kid's-look kind of artwork~ the handmade-look~
what's up with the "something"-look thing...?!?

that's all for now... :'(

made some food stocks today~~ when we were in OZ, the host usually cooked some food eg: lasagna/quiche in big portion and stock it in the fridge.. to me, it's quite practical and could save money+energy~ as we came home, i decided to implement it~ :)
so far, quiche and lasagna for lunch and dinner.. bread+egg/cheese/peanutbutter+jam for bfast~
love our new routine~ :)
and today, decided to make some oatmeal bar~~ with some choc chip!! yum2~~
easy-peasy punye recipe~
butter+brown sugar+honey, heat in pan..bila gula dah cair,tutup off hub~ masukkan oats+choc chips!! :)


happy dengan ilmu/pengalaman yg Allah kurniakan selama kami merantau ke sana bersama Little Baby~
i decided to lead my life as practical as possible.. iAllah~


  1. Farah...kecik sangat font yang last2 tu...btw...domo-kun tu Farah wat ape??bantal ke?

  2. font setting error~~
    kalau bantal, sgt pena nak siapkan~ huhu~
    plushie, lebih kurang 10cmX7cm~

  3. i love sewing plushie...tapi dulu la mase dok kat penang...sekarang da tadek kawan nak menjait...huhuhu..

  4. huhu.. jahitlah for the baby~ mesti best..!