Tuesday, September 28, 2010


went to seaspray beach..
Little Baby' first beach trip~
alhamdulillah perjalanan dipermudahkan, nearly sesat... i tak arif baca map.. :(
Hubby baca balik the map, rupanye we took the wrong exit...
on the way.. Little Baby pooey.. do some nappy change in the car~ the smell i tell you... :D
sambung perjalanan.. nampak 2kangaroos... DEAD! :(
and satu lagi mangsa kemalangan, nampak macam koala... tak berani nk tengok!! O_O
teruskan lagi.. then kami sampai di seaspray beach!! mane beach nye..?! takde pun~~ :(
rupanya di sebalik sand dune~
the beach was amazing...! bersih, banyak seaweeds and corals yg terdampar.. bersih laut ni.. :)
the seashells berkulit tebal sedikit dari yg selalu nampak di Malaysia...
mmg rase syukur sgt dapat melihat bumi Allah Australia ini.. :D


masa on our way to seaspray, terpandang padang yg kuning~~
jadi, kami dengan berani(Allah sahajalah yg Maha Melindungi), masuk satu lorong ini... it was canola all the way!! :D
"enter at your own risk" kata sign kat pagar tu.. bismillah~
jenguk2 takde org... ade sorang jenguk dari dalam.. pastu Hubby keluar, a guy datang.. mintak permission nak snap some pictures.. he tak kisah... alhamdulillah~
he said, the canola was taller before this new badge was planted.. 3m maybe.. 400acres stretch of canola... rezeki dapat tengok semua ciptaan Allah ni.. :)

ps: yay! finally jumpa crochet hook! yeap, been looking for it since i got here!! and bought some yarns, some cool stuff i've found, and some stuff for Little Baby~

preparing to go home now... hope for a better view of life after this, iAllah~

Saturday, September 25, 2010

a beautiful day at the Serendipity Lavender Farm

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes(Music/Lyric: Mack David, Al Hoffman, Jerry Livingston)

Vocals: Ilene Woods (Cinderella)

A dream is a wish your heart makes
When you're fast asleep
In dreams you lose your heartaches
Whatever you wish for, you keep

Have faith in your dreams and someday
Your rainbow will come smiling thru
No matter how your heart is grieving
If you keep on believing
the dream that you wish will come true

subhanallah... it's like a dream~
i'm a lavender lover... been googling about lavender for about 10years now.. keeping the digital images of lavender in my pc(college time~) and buying/drinking lavender tea(beli kat tesco..), and my engagement day theme was lavender~ yeah, it's been a lot of lavender going on in my life~~ haha..

and, guess what? yesterday we went to Serendipity Lavender Farm.. the day was cool and sunny.. the air was full of lavender scent~ lots of lavender species out there.. and i could tell if it is a lavender by smelling the flowers.. and, there are also WHITE lavender.. yup! white~

we had some lavender tea+lavender shortbread(since Little Baby is a fan of shortbread~) when we arrive.. a teapot of lavender tea, for the 2 of us(me and Hubby, Little Baby can't drink the tea.. not just yet~).. a teapot! banyak.. takleh habis... :( and we ask the owner if we could go for a walk at the farm, and come back for the tea..? "sure, just leave it there, and go for a walk outside!" seronok!! okay! jom! at the cafe, you tak rase macam tgh jadi customer.. macam kita jadi tetamu rumah orang... :')

long story short...
went in and out of the bushes of lavender....such calm place to spend with Hubby+Little Baby.. she loves the flowersSs.. Hubby love the scenery... :)

spent 2hours in the farm.. snapping pictures.. snapping pictures.. snapping pictures.. :) finally got to meet miss cherry blossom!! HAPPY!! and also madam apple tree.. if we come in feb-march.. maybe we got to meet the cherries and apples..! yesterday, got to meet mister orange and the oranges...!

yesterday, was my lifetime experience..

thank you very much to Hubby for the precious gift! alhamdulillah~ HAPPY~

Thursday, September 23, 2010


crochet flower on hijab... :)

made by me for Little Baby's first eid~

Sunday, September 19, 2010

+ the Craft Market


on sunday, we went to a Craft Market~~ weee! it's at the Lardner's Park, i nearly went CRAZY over the stuff!! all products must be made and sold by the stallholders, no wholesaler products here..! saw some altered art as well.. from paper to crystal.. all handmade..! cool kan..? alhamdulillah dapat melihat dunia Allah..~

food, senang iAllah.. just go anywhere that sells vegetarian. we had vegetarian baked potato with lots of cheese on-top~ yummy!

my little one get to meet baa-baa black sheep, mary's white little lamb, big fat hens!(they are reall BIG!! mmg gemuk! cute~), there's a mini farm stall.. you get to hold em, and some of the boys got to picit the cute animals as well~ we didn't go in the stall, got sheep dog yg sgt manja.. sure dia nak datang and manje2... me takut!! O_o"

oh, the crochet stall was AMAZING! there were teapots' cardigans, some baby booties, some scarfts, hats, amigurumis, and small2 little crocheted flowersS.. lots of shabby stuff!! didn't get to round dgn slow, sebab spitting(gerimis..)<-- uncle Jim would say, "Bahasa Australia, lah!"...

over all is was a lifetime experience for me, and little baby and hubby... for me, it makes me think how small i am di bumi Allah ni... you think you are good enough...? sorry people, there's billions out there who are better than you! memang kene sentiasa merendah diri... iAllah itu yg Allah paling suka... and one more thing, istiqamah~

Salam from us

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

+crochet broochesSs...

alhamdulillah some orders are coming for the brooches.. from my sis cousin in dubai~ she ordered 10pcs.. :)
now, we're in aussie.. teman Pa's annual visit.. weather is great! have o wait till weekend to do some crochet shopping and some diapers shopping too~
foods, alhamdulillah taken care of.. really BIG thanks to Jim's family.. :')
maybe, iAllah on sunday we'll be visiting "pasar malam" look-a-like here.. :)
Nayli has been a very good girl~ sleeping, eating, and behaving well, alhamdulillah~
me, very thankful to Allah for the opportunity to kembara melihat bumi Aussie... a very lovely place, couldn't put in words~~

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

+eidul fitr

Wishing you, Selamat Hari Raya Eidulfitri...

Maaf zahir & batin~


Islamic Craft~
+why don't....

try crochet from different material...?

i've tried crocheting some ribbons...


here's how it happened..
we lost Nayli's stuff again..! this time is her pillow, the casing was made by me.. it's a stripey red+white pillow, that we could see from afar~ but, sadly.. kami tak perasan bile pillow tu tercicir.. i'm quite sad.. Nayli okay je... O_o"

so, this and that.. i decided to jahit one for her... using the same fabric(red+white), plus! bonus...! a "ribbon crochet flower".. and it's red...? not a good colour for babies actually... but, that's the only fabric i have in hand right now~~ sigh~

dalam 5minutes siapkan the sarung, isi dengan fibre(yg dah simpan lama tak guna2... yeah, when you go to a place where the art&craft stuff are RM5, you'll become greedy... ).. and crochet the flower using this red ribbon(which i have been keeping for like 2 years or so.. ok, this time it's not the greedy story, it's for a client way back in 2008..? have some leftover... quite some... that some is around 4rolls...? i think... been sharing it with my crafty sisters as well... but there's still more... rezeki, lagi kongsi... lagilah tak habis... iAllah~).. okay, i saw the red ribbon.. tangan dah gatal, otak dah berdenyut2... and i took my crochet hook... and.... there you go..!

but, i think i'll be needing a bigger hook for the ribbons.. sakit jugak jari-jemari... :)

and tie it to the cornet or the pillow.. and alhamdulillah.. Nayli love's it...!

ok, pillow... your name is RED..! you can ikut us this sunday...~ iAllah..

Thursday, September 2, 2010

+lillahi ta'ala~

insyaAllah IslamicCraft(iCraft) will be making some of our signature craft for an apparel company. this is part of my sumbangan untuk Islam~ iAllah..

it's been quite long quiet moment, for me... pikir masak2 sebelum terima offer ni... tapi, bila pikir2 balik, this is what i love to do.. craft and islam. i've been into it for quite a long time~ :)

making craft with an 8months old baby, is no easy work..! if i can make like 20pcs in a day before, right now 5pcs a day is an accomplishment O_o"
(no sayang, i'm not complaining.. i'm happy to have you by my side, eating what ever i have in the craft box.. sticky yarns..? oooh, i love it..!)

why i choose this path...?
okay, first i thought, it's a quite competitive world out there.. for a beginner like me..? try to jump into that blogcrafters' world..? it's a looooong way to go... but, Allah Maha Besar, subhanallah~ i made our signature craft for our aunty, as a gift(i love making craft for people... the smile in their faces..? it's priceless..), and she love it... her friends too... then, one day.. as we(the 3 of us, me+hubby+baby) went to support her stall at subang parade bazaar, she popped the question~
"if i would like to sell my signature craft..?" so, i smile~~

all the way home, as the second paragraph~~
then, i decided to make for her.. the product will be under her name, i'm just the pembekal.. i think that's good enough for me.. :)

gave her my best price, so that she can sell at reasonable price.. not gonna be greedy, terlebih-terkurang, lillahi ta'ala~ insyaAllah...


my main reason is untuk menyumbang sedikit dari creativity yg Allah bagi ke jalan Allah.. :)

thank you hubby+baby for your support~~ insyaAllah doakan mummy, yea...?