Sunday, September 19, 2010

+ the Craft Market


on sunday, we went to a Craft Market~~ weee! it's at the Lardner's Park, i nearly went CRAZY over the stuff!! all products must be made and sold by the stallholders, no wholesaler products here..! saw some altered art as well.. from paper to crystal.. all handmade..! cool kan..? alhamdulillah dapat melihat dunia Allah..~

food, senang iAllah.. just go anywhere that sells vegetarian. we had vegetarian baked potato with lots of cheese on-top~ yummy!

my little one get to meet baa-baa black sheep, mary's white little lamb, big fat hens!(they are reall BIG!! mmg gemuk! cute~), there's a mini farm stall.. you get to hold em, and some of the boys got to picit the cute animals as well~ we didn't go in the stall, got sheep dog yg sgt manja.. sure dia nak datang and manje2... me takut!! O_o"

oh, the crochet stall was AMAZING! there were teapots' cardigans, some baby booties, some scarfts, hats, amigurumis, and small2 little crocheted flowersS.. lots of shabby stuff!! didn't get to round dgn slow, sebab spitting(gerimis..)<-- uncle Jim would say, "Bahasa Australia, lah!"...

over all is was a lifetime experience for me, and little baby and hubby... for me, it makes me think how small i am di bumi Allah ni... you think you are good enough...? sorry people, there's billions out there who are better than you! memang kene sentiasa merendah diri... iAllah itu yg Allah paling suka... and one more thing, istiqamah~

Salam from us


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    salam perkenalan.