Wednesday, September 8, 2010

+why don't....

try crochet from different material...?

i've tried crocheting some ribbons...


here's how it happened..
we lost Nayli's stuff again..! this time is her pillow, the casing was made by me.. it's a stripey red+white pillow, that we could see from afar~ but, sadly.. kami tak perasan bile pillow tu tercicir.. i'm quite sad.. Nayli okay je... O_o"

so, this and that.. i decided to jahit one for her... using the same fabric(red+white), plus! bonus...! a "ribbon crochet flower".. and it's red...? not a good colour for babies actually... but, that's the only fabric i have in hand right now~~ sigh~

dalam 5minutes siapkan the sarung, isi dengan fibre(yg dah simpan lama tak guna2... yeah, when you go to a place where the art&craft stuff are RM5, you'll become greedy... ).. and crochet the flower using this red ribbon(which i have been keeping for like 2 years or so.. ok, this time it's not the greedy story, it's for a client way back in 2008..? have some leftover... quite some... that some is around 4rolls...? i think... been sharing it with my crafty sisters as well... but there's still more... rezeki, lagi kongsi... lagilah tak habis... iAllah~).. okay, i saw the red ribbon.. tangan dah gatal, otak dah berdenyut2... and i took my crochet hook... and.... there you go..!

but, i think i'll be needing a bigger hook for the ribbons.. sakit jugak jari-jemari... :)

and tie it to the cornet or the pillow.. and alhamdulillah.. Nayli love's it...!

ok, pillow... your name is RED..! you can ikut us this sunday...~ iAllah..

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