Wednesday, September 15, 2010

+crochet broochesSs...

alhamdulillah some orders are coming for the brooches.. from my sis cousin in dubai~ she ordered 10pcs.. :)
now, we're in aussie.. teman Pa's annual visit.. weather is great! have o wait till weekend to do some crochet shopping and some diapers shopping too~
foods, alhamdulillah taken care of.. really BIG thanks to Jim's family.. :')
maybe, iAllah on sunday we'll be visiting "pasar malam" look-a-like here.. :)
Nayli has been a very good girl~ sleeping, eating, and behaving well, alhamdulillah~
me, very thankful to Allah for the opportunity to kembara melihat bumi Aussie... a very lovely place, couldn't put in words~~