Thursday, September 2, 2010

+lillahi ta'ala~

insyaAllah IslamicCraft(iCraft) will be making some of our signature craft for an apparel company. this is part of my sumbangan untuk Islam~ iAllah..

it's been quite long quiet moment, for me... pikir masak2 sebelum terima offer ni... tapi, bila pikir2 balik, this is what i love to do.. craft and islam. i've been into it for quite a long time~ :)

making craft with an 8months old baby, is no easy work..! if i can make like 20pcs in a day before, right now 5pcs a day is an accomplishment O_o"
(no sayang, i'm not complaining.. i'm happy to have you by my side, eating what ever i have in the craft box.. sticky yarns..? oooh, i love it..!)

why i choose this path...?
okay, first i thought, it's a quite competitive world out there.. for a beginner like me..? try to jump into that blogcrafters' world..? it's a looooong way to go... but, Allah Maha Besar, subhanallah~ i made our signature craft for our aunty, as a gift(i love making craft for people... the smile in their faces..? it's priceless..), and she love it... her friends too... then, one day.. as we(the 3 of us, me+hubby+baby) went to support her stall at subang parade bazaar, she popped the question~
"if i would like to sell my signature craft..?" so, i smile~~

all the way home, as the second paragraph~~
then, i decided to make for her.. the product will be under her name, i'm just the pembekal.. i think that's good enough for me.. :)

gave her my best price, so that she can sell at reasonable price.. not gonna be greedy, terlebih-terkurang, lillahi ta'ala~ insyaAllah...


my main reason is untuk menyumbang sedikit dari creativity yg Allah bagi ke jalan Allah.. :)

thank you hubby+baby for your support~~ insyaAllah doakan mummy, yea...?

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