Friday, October 5, 2012

+alhamdulillah, finally~

 bismillahirahmanirrahim.. my last entry was in may. been away to welcome our second daughter, alhamdulillah. a little about our latest addition, ya?

her name is Farah Liyana Binti Khalil. she was born on the 23rd of july 2012, in Assunta Hospital. the special thing about Liyana's delivery date is, it's the same date as her EDD, and she was born naturally, subhanallah. Kun fa ya kun~* 

a bit busy with both Nayli and Liyana. but, recently Najiha Craft Boutique was launched. one step at a time. slowly adding new products. the main purpose is to share~ iAllah will be sharing some tutorials too! 

i am not a good teacher.. 
maybe some of En. Khalil's tricks will help!

okay, that's that! 

*all my not-for-sale-stuff will be posted here, as usual, iAllah~ hihi~

*been thinking to-move or not-to-move to other blog adress... love this blog soooo much~*