Thursday, October 28, 2010

some mee we found at giant kota damansara, with jakim cert~ finally!
it's been years we've been searching for yee mee with halal cert~
one day, saw a lorry with some brand(tak ingat the brand),
tertera yeemee and there it is---> chop halal jakim!! O_O
since that day, try to find kot2 ada kat mana2 hypermarket~ tak jumpa pun~ then, satu hari di giant kota damansara, tergerak nak tengok2 bahagian mee2 itu, kot2 ada rezeki... and there it is!!
yeemee with chop JAKIM, mee INA! but they named it Mee Telur~ taste like yee mee to us~ :D
terus beli, and beli everytime buat marketing~ kami pun, makan dan makan yeemee halal jakim setiap petang!!
bought some extra for Little Baby's Tyty, as above picture, this maggi kind mee is my favourite so far~ selalu makan this kind of mee kat Noodle Station.. tapi, takkan la nak pegi sana time2 lapar di petang hari...jadi, sekali lagi rajin survey bahagian mee kat giant tu.. berbaloi juga~ jumpa this mee.. yeah! with chop JAKIM! ...and some leper maggi kind, bought some for Little Baby's WanMama and TokDada.. i ingat my dad penah masak this mee when i was a little girl.. hihi...will pass them to mom and dad this weekend iAllah~

my first handmade pillow
the customer is~ fliffy.. a lovely mother, kenal her masa i join scrabooking group.. she's into digital scrapbooking... now dah jadi DT at few places~ :)
she saw the one i made for Little Baby.. and at my surprise, she ordered one :)
have to postpone making them as i'm going to OZ that time.. she patiently waited till i settle-down when we got back home.. and kelmarin baru post to her.. thank you very much flif~
iAllah she just ordered one more for her little boy.. abang's will be blue~
alhamdulillah, things are starting to bloom~

my cousin in Dubai ordered this crochet flower brooch~
she ordered 10 of these, decided to give her extra 2~ reason: can't stop my hand from crocheting these babies~~
yes, plus that because i love you so much, along aiza~~ :D

Little Baby keep herself busy while Mummy's on duty~ good girl~
soon, she'll be 11months! how time flies~! :')


  1. Nayli kalau reading mesti ada muncung....tengah buah buat bunyik mooooooo ke???

  2. hahaha... buat ape pun muncung... :p

  3. salam,

    terjumpa blog ni masa browsing. Just nak tanya, nak buat bunga crochet tu guna benang dan jarum macam mana? try buat tak jadi walau usaha banyak kali...

    harap boleh share..

    Saya budak baru belajar :D