Monday, February 21, 2011


As-salam all~! been quite busy over the week... all for Oaties.. received orders from old friends, sambil meniaga sambil bersilatulrahim~! love it~~

while recovering from the penat, i made this for Little Baby~
felt+some embroidery+buttons~

always love embroidery.. belajar sendiri from a book i bought at payless bookstore, RM10. kebetulan got the no.1(it's a series book), yg ada all intro for all thread+scissors art!! :D
embroidery, cross-stitch, crochet, sewing, etc~~ slurrrp~

have to brush up my skill.. that means, need to do more~~~ haha!
kinda addictive~! welp! need to make more of those!!
*while Little Baby tido~

+Little baby starts bercakap this month, alhamdulillah~ some of the word yg make sense:
1. duduk
2. jatuh(ja-tooh, sgt baku~ hihi..)
3. mummy(mem-mee)
4. nak
5. nanak(tak nak)
6. baby(bee-bee)
7. oh-oo(ah-oo)
8. moon
9. star
10. cantik(an-teek)
11. susu(tu-tu)
12. Pa(yeah, her first word!! wayyyy earlier than Mummy!?)
13. that
14. ini
15. wah!/wow!(both for the same sound~)
16. tu!(yg ni perkataan bahaya... kalau digabungkan dengan "Nak"~ you know what i mean..)
17. cat
18. moo(if i say cow~)
19. no(noo-w!, her "no" sounds very sedap~!)

and if she sees letter "A", she'll say "B".
if i say "one", she'll say "Two"~

mudah-mudahan menjadi hamba Allah yg istiqamah.. Mummy needs to belajar to be one too~

plan to make some more

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